Thursday, December 27, 2007


Still Local! Non-locali. Piatti reopened in November, dropping the "locali" part of its name and having done a major renovation to the restaurant in Mill Valley. I last reviewed this location in March, before its renovation and name change. I am a little sad they dropped the 'locali' as it was great to see a commitment to local growers and artisans and it made this place more unique. However, the food was great what ever the name, and they've done a nice job in expanding the space and creating a more intimate mood. It has a kind of Martha Stewart feel to it now.

Squash Soup

Minestra di Zucca, consisting of delicata squash, autumn vegetables and farro was a delicious soup!


I had Potato Gnocchi as my main dish which included Chanterelle Mushrooms, Cipollini & Caciocavallo in its ingredients. The gnocchi was soft and fresh and the flavors blended perfectly. This is walking distance from my home and it is wonderful to have it open again and have it still be making great food with an Italian flair.


kudzu said...

They may have dropped "locali" from the title, but Piatti is committed to using local products -- in fact they have formed partnerships with Marin Organics and MALT. Just want to give credit where credit is due.

Anna Haight said...

This is great news! It wasn't apparent from their menu, and I'm glad you corrected this. I corrected my headline.