Friday, December 28, 2007

Robata Grill & Sushi

Pleasant lunch.
Dad has a new physical therapist just upstairs of the building attached to Robata Grill & Sushi, so after the first visit, it seemed like an opportune time to revisit the closest Japanese restaurant to me which continues to have a wide variety of delicious dishes. I reviewed this in July 2006, and then again in October 2006. I was surprised it had been so long since I'd written about this place.

Vegetable Roll

I started with a vegetable roll, letter "A" for fresh vegetables. You can also have two other choices of vegetable roll: "B" is made with cooked vegetables, and "C" with pickled vegetables. I've always liked the fresh vegetable roll so much I haven't gone past it to B or C. We had arrived at 1:15 and it was busy, so it took a bit of time for our first dish to be served. Not long after this was served, and before any of our other food arrived, one of the wait staff came by to inform us that they were closed now (2 p.m.) and did we have anything else to order before the kitchen is closed?

Obento special

Part of Dad's Bento lunch came next, everything but the teriyaki chicken. Robata always does a nice job on the special daily bento lunch special.


Then my yudofu arrived, simmered tofu with vegetables. It is filled with a generous amount of field fresh vegetables, and a lovely array of toppings and dip. This is a warm and filling dish, and the only thing non-vegetarian would be the pink edged fish cakes and the flaked fish topping.

Next part of Obento special

Then Dad's chicken teriyaki arrived a few minutes later to complete his bento box special. It's great how they add colorful vegetables with nearly every presentation of food. He thoroughly enjoyed the lunch.

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