Monday, August 28, 2006

Painting. Well, Auntie's ideas were not on point today... no Guide Dogs for the Blind Tour, no beachcombing, nor art museums. No, something mutch simpler was what tickled my niece's fancy. She loves to paint, especially wooden things. So a trip to the local Michael's for some materials, and we had a plan! She named her favorite restaurant, and luckily we had one in Marin, so off to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. She enjoyed her children's cheese pizza and Sprite, while Auntie chowed down on a half Chopped BBQ Chicken Salad and a cup of Smashed Pea soup. I hadn't been to CPK for awhile, and must say they have downsized portions and raised prices... hardly any lettuce in my salad -- lots of 'munchy, crunchy' things, but lettuce was sparse.

After lunch Collette started painting in earnest, with delightful results. She is a budding talent! She also wanted to watch the "Kyle xy" marathon on TV, so we did, and it was a rather intriguing show. Afterwards we shot out to San Rafael to try some Cold Stone Creamery magic. She was fascinated by the stone slab and how they cut the toppings into the ice cream, although she declined any toppings herself.

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