Sunday, August 27, 2006

Exploratorium. Well, the sad news this morning was that 3 of the 5 fish didn't make it.

But on to happier things, we started the day by having a French toast and turkey sausage breakfast at Auntie Anna's before deciding on our course of activities for the day.

The unfortunate first discovery after breakfast was that Auntie Anna didn't realize she needed to save some soda bottles for the "Pop Bottle Science" experiments. This being the case, and the kids chanting 'sci-ence, sci-ence, we wanna do sci-ence'.. well, the Exploratorium seemed to be the thing to offer (and get Auntie out of trouble!).

The Exploratorium was a perfect choice. They enjoyed all the hands on activities with three hours straight, without any dips in interest. And they learned a lot.

After finishing up inside, we grabbed cold drinks and enjoyed the garden outside for a bit.

We grabbed quick burgers and 'extra crispy' fries at "In and Out Burgers" on the way home. This time the 'extra crispy' fries were extra disappointing. Oh well.

Jonathon came over later in the afternoon and took the kids for a dip in my pool, meanwhile Jo-Ann picked up the ingredients for a special experiment.

Collette wouldn't let me forget the mentos and diet coke explosion demonstration! So after the swimming was over, and Auntie Anna's special somen dinner -- we went outside on the public shore, near a wide space for the demonstration. As Collette promised, there was a veritable GEYSER of soda that exploded out of the diet coke liters immediately upon the mentos touching the soda. Wow.

Then there are the 'professional mentos' guys, see their video (click on thumbnail below to go to the video):

We then waved Toran and Aurelia good-bye as Toran needed to get ready for his first day of school tomorrow, including a good night's sleep.

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