Friday, August 25, 2006

From Monterey to Sonoma to Mill Valley. We got up to get to the Monterey Aquarium when it opened at 9:30. After surveying the dearth of choices for breakfast near the aquarium, we chose "Bullwackers".

Despite finding eggshells in her poached eggs, Collette managed to smile.

Anna's Eggs Benedict were rather salty, and the potatoes were quite burned on one side, a hideous breakfast indeed.

No stars for "Bullwackers".

The aquarium on the other hand, was great. We all enjoyed discovering new things about the world of the sea.

Leaving Monterey around noon, we made good time, and decided to take in a movie while rush hour traffic rushed to the wine country. We saw Step Up, a great movie about dance. Then a quick dinner at Chili's and off to drop Dad back off home in Sonoma.

After arriving home, I returned a call from a friend in Bellevue (Aleta), and found a mutual friend (Rosemary) had passed away. Shock. The three of us attended the same schools from elementary on... And so very coincidentally, she was a close friend of my host sister, Kaoru, and we were talking of her in Tokyo the very day of her Memorial Service in the states (August 5th), unbeknownst to us. Time with family and friends takes on more poignacy and importance. Life is always throwing us curves.

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