Saturday, August 19, 2006

In search of Epazote.
Yes, tonight is "States of Mexico" for the Supper Club, and I chose Tlaxcala as my State, and "Setas con Epazote" as my dish.

I went earlier to fellow foodies on Chowhound to find out the most likely place to find fresh Epazote.

I chose to go into the city, and try Casa Lucas Market on 24th for the herb. A bright and nicely kept shop with friendly people. Eyeing a basket of unknown fresh herbs and wondering which was epazote, I asked a fellow shopper who was quick to point out the right herb.

The neigborhood is a bit run-down, but every so often you happen upon some lovely corner where someone has painted a wall, whether it be a private residence or a more commercial building.

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