Friday, August 18, 2006

Korean Seaweed. Another trip to 99 Ranch, this time in Daly City. Jo-Ann introduced me there to a Korean style seaweed (nori-type) which is toasted in sesame oil and salt, makes the sheet puffy, not flat like regular nori. It is quite tasty. We also visited Todai, which occasionally suffers from a Korean-type taste to some of the Japanese dishes, but for the most part quite good as a buffet bar.

Last night I met up with Arron and Helen, new friends introduced by my sister Mika in Hokkaido. Helen was teaching English in the same school as Mika, and she wanted to introduce us as Arron had a job waiting in Palo Alto. I introduced them to Japantown, we had a nice meal at Osakaya, and then I took them on a quick tour of San Francisco neighborhoods since it was quite foggy. They are from Calgary, and Helen has a horse to bring down, wouldn't you know it, she found housing for the horse before finding their new apartment!

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