Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ceramics. Kids are good for getting you into new trouble. It would never occur to me to paint and fire ceramics, since I do not consider myself a graphic artist, or having any talent with a paintbrush. But since she was not inclined to bicycle ride (doesn't like anything on 'two wheels'), paddleboat, or shop for a yukata, AND her eyes lit up when talking about doing something with pottery/ceramics - was there any other choice?

So off we went to Doodlebug in San Anselmo, and we spent the entire day there painting our respective pieces. Collette chose a fairy sitting in a crescent moon, while I chose a plain tea cup and saucer.

Doodlebug is perfectly set up for children to enjoy exporing a number of crafts, but particularly ceramic painting.

We broke for lunch at Paradise in San Rafael, a Vietnamese restaurant with a quick buffet lunch bar. It is always better to go earlier in the lunch hour, as we were pushing it and the selection wasn't as good.

Back to Doodlebug, and it took until nearly five to get our masterpieces ready for glazing and firing. We won't see the final finished project until Thursday afternoon.

We scampered off just before 5 to get to Accepted, a comedy about a boy who when rejected by all the universities he applied -- created his own. It was entertaining and funny. Collette requested Auntie Anna's spaghetti marinara for dinner, which was certainly an easy fix!

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