Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Napper Tandy.
Noting a heavy influence of Asian cuisine on my blog as of late, and knowing tonight will be celebrating the states of Mexico, I thought it prudent to wander out a little bit and find a different cuisine for lunch. On the corner a few blocks away was a beaconing Irish pub. An Irish pub in the Mission? Yes, it is there.

So I walk in -- ooops! I thought -- the bar is the entire first room! And I'm the only woman in sight.. ah, a waitress shows up, and asks me if I'd like the bar or the dining room -- I choose the dining room. It must be authentic, as the only voices I hear have very distinct Irish accents.

It was nearly empty, but a couple of men were enjoying breakfast or rather brunch as it's noon. These gentlemen also have a recognizable Irish brogue. I scan the menu and order Shepard's Pie (hoping it will not be a greasy mess).

First I was brought some brown Irish soda bread by a very friendly waitress who also had a nice Irish accent.

This was an excellent Shepard's Pie, creamy potatoes, and nicely balanced and flavored beef and vegetables -- and importantly, not swimming in grease. It was a bit big, so I took most of it home with the soda bread, which the waitress told me toasts up great in the morning.

The gentlemen I passed in the bar, were exceptionally handsome, 30-40 somethings. Single women take note, if looks are of interest, all the gentlemen there were very fetching!

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