Monday, November 09, 2009

Great pasta!

Vin Antico

Jo-Ann and I got together for a girls night out at Vin Antico in San Rafael. We came early and were the first diners to arrive that evening. The staff was very welcoming. The ambiance of the restaurant itself is very warm and inviting.

Caesar Salad

I felt like some greens, so started with their classic Caesar Salad. It is a large portion with a generous amount of shaved Parmasean. I enjoyed it!


For the main course, I chose the "Strangled Priest". It won out over other selections because of the intriguing name. The Strozzapretti pasta consisted of sauteed mushrooms, spinach, shaved ricotta salata, garlic, and toasted pine nuts. The name comes from the open tubes that are said to resemble priest's collars. The pasta was tender, the other ingredients fresh, and the whole dish melded together deliciously!


Jo-Ann chose the Peposo Delicato which is a kind of lasagne with green peppercorn braised pork shoulder layered between fresh pasta in garlic broth. She enjoyed the dish although she thought the pasta in mine was slightly sweeter and better. She also thought that the pork preparation was a bit more 'sour' than she is used to having. Not in a bad way, but a different taste sensation.


The whiteness of the cup made it difficult to get a well focused photograph of this awesome Affogato. It was artfully served, and the dish consisting of espresso poured over mascarpone gelato, with house made biscotti cookie was really a wonderful contrast in tastes.


I was intrigued by the description of the Tramezzino Gelato: "Hazelnut gelato sandwiched between chocolate drizzled piselli cookies, topped with honey and crushed hazelnuts." It sounded delicate and delicious, so I was prepared for the deliciousness, but not for the large size of the dessert. Jo-Ann and I both approved of this one. It was a 10! The piselli cookies are a crisp lightly sweet waffle type cookie, and the hazelnut gelato was smooth, creamy and everything you dream of in a gelato. Vin Antico is a wonderful place to have a special evening!

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