Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes, I rode in the red one

KS Combine & grain truck

A Kansas corn field -- just got back and rather too tired to write much. I did ride in that big red combine while harvesting a corn field. The operator was 74 years old and had been farming all his life. It was a wonderful slice of life there, a lot of down to earth people working hard to get a very late harvest, delayed by rain, in to the silos.


Zoomie said...

So, Anna, what took you to Kansas and the ride in the red one? Just curious? Or business? Family visit? My brother in law used to farm peanuts in southern Virginia and he let me drive his tractor once - air conditioned, with AM-FM radio! The Cadillac of tractors - it was fun!

Anna Haight said...

It was business, working on a technical solution related to food safety.