Friday, November 13, 2009

The real deal

Trish's Steakhouse & Lounge

I had lunch in Hoxie, KS at Trish's Steakhouse & Lounge earlier this week and took some photos. This place seemed to be a hangout for local farmers where there was free internet connection and a social place. It was fun to listen to the farmer talk; because of weather conditions this is the latest harvest for corn on record and the farmers were talking about when they were havesting their respective fields. The staff was friendly and efficient.

Old sign

There was a sign from an earlier restaurant in Hoxie hanging on the wall, I'm supposing that this philosophy may have contributed to its being history. "It's Old, It's Tough. We cook it... You eat it. Come and get it or We'll throw it out." Nuff said.

Fish Sandwich

I was pleasantly surprised by the Fish Sandwich. For being so far from the water it was quite tasty and cooked just right for a crisp crust on the breading, and served piping hot. The french fries were great, and the ketchup was to die for! I asked if they made it themselves (it came in unlabeled red squeeze bottles), and the response was a simple 'no'. It was thick, rich and flavorful. Most of my companions had various forms of burgers, and they were thick and stuck out nearly an inch from the buns. The person sitting next to me had the jalapeno burger that he commented positively about.

I thought we were going to the City Limits for dinner one night, however we changed to Montana Mike's. I reviewed it on Yelp since I had taken no photos. I also reviewed the Village Inn where we had breakfast on Yelp for the same reason. Both of those are part of chains as well.

I enjoyed Kansas, and got a lot of work done as well. I'm back now, and back to the Marin 'beat'.

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