Sunday, November 01, 2009

Shhh... it's in Bolinas

Coast Cafe

My father so enjoys drives over to and around West Marin. We woke up on Halloween morning to such fog that it was hard to see very far ahead over the deck. Ah! Perfect! No one will be going to the coast on such a foggy morning, I'll take Dad to Bolinas for a late breakfast at the Coast Cafe! It will be great to see the scenery in another 'mood', and with a very Halloween-y misty vibe.

Green Water

Bolinas is having a very severe water shortage, so you are requested to ask for water if you desire it. It comes served in a very eco-friendly cup made of corn. If you haven't already heard, Bolinas likes its quiet nature and would prefer most visitors stay away. There are no signs pointing the way, and my GPS would only take me to the town, not being able to find "Wharf Street". Once I was in Bolinas however, the map clearly showed I was traveling on Wharf Road. Did the town strike a deal to keep its streets off searches?

Warm fire

Bolinas has a long time reputation for being artsy and off beat. Since it was Halloween, I was frequently unsure of weather the people I saw were in costume or not. The staff at the Coast Cafe were in costume, and very welcoming. It was nice to come in from the fog and sit by a cheery fire. The place had both a nautical and Halloween theme with lots of skeletons hanging about. They also obviously adored their local children as there was children's artwork on white placemats adorning the walls. There was a mix of older folk, aging hippy types, young eco-tourists from Washington's San Juan islands, and a cute child in a devil's costume. It is VERY laid back. The man in the cat-in-the-hat red and white striped hat was chatting away to the little girl on the other side of the restaurant, sitting and enjoying the moment. It took quite some time to get our breakfasts, and we noticed that things didn't really move in the kitchen until he went back in!

Blackstone Benedict

And the wait was well worth it as it was evident that attention and care went in to our breakfasts. I had the Blackstone Benedict with out the Bacon. It was obvious that they use the fresh local quality ingredients that they say they do. It tasted so. The potatoes were perfectly cooked as well as the benedict.

Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble

Dad had the Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble. He liked it, but said 'this is a FULL meal', which translates to 'too much food for me'. However he put a big dent in it and said it was very tasty. If you don't mind a laid back service when you know great food is coming you can't go wrong here.

I took some photos going to Bolinas, and back with some other photos of the town. I'll repost the link here when I write up the trip and other sites.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 6
Noncritical: 5

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