Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ming's Morphs

China Villa

Thanks to Kudzu's keen power of observation (and willingness to share it), and Cookiecrumb's echo, I was able to find that China Villa has actually moved into the space that Ming Garden occupied for many years in San Anselmo. I had put off an errand to San Anselmo which I was inspired to take care of once I caught wind of the move. When the waiter approached my table the first questions I asked were "Is this the China Villa that used to be in the Northgate Mall?", "Yes", and "Do you still serve the wonderful veggie dishes?", "Yes". And so my curiosity was quickly satisfied.

Chicken Salad

Because the side dishes that came with the lunch special had some meat in them, I took a veggie holiday in order to properly report on what comes standard with lunch. The salad, far from being an uninspiring iceberg with mayo-based dressing was a saucy and palate-pleasing Chinese Chicken Salad in miniature.

Beef Vegetable Soup

The soup was a beef-based vegetable, and the soup stock was complex and delicious with beef enriched tomato flavors.

Tofu and Broccoli with Black Mushrooms

For the lunch entree choice I had the Tofu with Black Mushrooms and Broccoli, and Chow Mein for the starch choice. The sauce on the tofu dish was made with garlic and the dish was both tasty and satisfying. If Ming's is to be gone, there couldn't be a better replacement. I'm glad that China Villa is still with us!

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cookiecrumb said...

I must say it looks good!
I'd had China Villa on my to-do list, and was sorry to see it close at Northgate, but it's not far to SA. Thanks for your report.