Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally blogging about the Buckeye Roadhouse


Yes, it's just around the corner from me, and maybe that was the problem. Or having gone so frequently during my pre-blogging days that it seemed to have already been done. However I did get to the Buckeye Roadhouse for lunch yesterday, and it was great!

White Beet Soup

First the very gracious and knowledgeable waiter tempted me into having the White Beet Soup as a starter. Have you ever had something SO good that time stood still and everything became hushed? The first taste of this was one of those moments. The soup had a andouille sausage and fresh tomato garnish.

Local Sole with Rosemary Potatoes

The main course of Pan-roasted local sole with rosemary potatoes followed. Everything on the plate was perfect. The sole was perfectly cooked, moist and just done through. The roasted potatoes were served on rosemary skewers, with the addition of garlic cloves and small mushroom caps. The green beans were cooked to perfection, tender without going beyond the slightly crisp point. The food was superb, and I'm not going to let so much time pass without going back after experiencing the perfect blend of good service and fine food.


Zoomie said...

Wow, the spuds alone look divine and what a good idea to use up those woody stems when I prune the rosemary bush! I've eaten at the Buckeye once and it was quite good but your choices look like even better ones than I had!

Anonymous said...

For me it's the New York steak with the blue cheese sauce. Worth celebrating a birthday to eat it!