Wednesday, November 19, 2008

China Villa gone

China Villa closes

I was driving around the Northgate Mall in San Rafael, and did a double take in front of the space China Villa occupied. It looked very closed and bare. I had to turn around and look again. I wasn't sure whether the restaurant may have relocated as there is construction going on at the mall, but a call to their phone number got a "this number has been disconnected" message, so I assume the restaurant is simply gone. This is a loss as it is one of the more veggie friendly restaurants around. Anyone have the scoop on this?


kudzu said...

Anna--It's now in San Anselmo where Ming Gardens ruled for years, near the old Tamaplais Theater. I saw an "Open" sign on the door yesterday but didn't have time to stop just then. I, too, hope they keep that part of their menu -- which they placed separately for convenience.

cookiecrumb said...

I was gonna say they'd relocated, but I couldn't remember where.
Kudzu to the rescue!

Anna Haight said...

Thanks Kudzu, you are always on top of things in Marin!

Cookiecrumb - and you are not far behind.

Guess where I had lunch today? See the review in tomorrow's post.