Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Enough cooks make a delicious stew

Jonathon & Toran

Jonathon invited my Dad & I over for dinner on Sunday. He had played the role of Executive Chef, and had his kids enjoy being sous-chefs. Three cooks, a chicken carcass and a vegetable drawer brimming with fresh farmer's market veggies a good stew makes! This shot of Jonathon and Toran was taken during the pause between when things were complete, and when we sat down for the feast.

Green Salad

Small hands carefully sliced cucumbers to top these fresh, crisp greens.

Lentil Soup

Sous chefs Toran and Aurelia did a lot of chopping to put the veggies in with the lentils in the crockpot. Some commented there was a 'weird' herb in the mix, but Jonathon & I with our Scandinavian heritage enjoyed the touch of dill. Jo-Ann did note that if it were a real Scandinavian dish, it wouldn't be just a hint, but it would likely overpower the other ingredients. We agreed.

Jo-Ann gave me a real challenge - of course I didn't need to bring anything, but if I did, it had to be something I already had at home. I knew of the stew, and I had time and felt a little adventurous, so I made an old family favorite, Quick Buttermilk Rolls. I let them finish rising in the car as we were going to Jo-Ann & Jonathon's, and they had the oven ready for them as soon as we arrived. You can see from the wear and tear on the recipe card, I've made this quite a bit. My mother's recipes were often a bit abbreviated as well.

Quick Buttermilk Rolls

Ten minutes later, this is what we had. These disappeared quickly. The whole meal was perfect. There's nothing like food with family love tucked inside.

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