Monday, June 09, 2008

Family Style Pizza and Pasta House

Dario's Pizza and Pasta

This place often gets overlooked, but Dario's Pizza and Pasta has some good values hidden away inside. And the woman who served us was a real gem -- hope she's appreciated.

Ice tea and Bread service

Every day they have a special, and we happened to show up on a Tuesday, when it's all you can eat spaghetti. The specials all have a choice of soup or garden salad included. But first, a large loaf of freshly baked bread is served with butter. It is hot and delicious!

Garden Salad

Dad ordered his spaghetti with the garden salad with Blue Cheese dressing on the side. It was so large, he took more than half of it home.

Minestrone Soup

I ordered the minestrone, forgetting that I don't particularly like their rendition of it. It tastes rather green, like green olives. Not only that but it was COLD. I was not sure I wanted to say anything since I hardly wanted a warm bowl of it once I remembered its style. But I thought it would be kinder to mention it so they could turn up the heat for the next guest. So I told the waitress about the temperature and said I didn't want it replaced. She was so apologetic and insisted on bringing me a to-go box of a lovely salad matching Dad's.

All-you-can-eat meat sauce spaghetti

Dad couldn't believe the heaping portion of spaghetti that came his way, in fact eventually made three meals of it. He said it was great.

Vegetarian Calzone

I received a football sized calzone of mozzarella, mushrooms, black olives, and spinach (subbing for the meatballs.) It was piping hot and tasted great... and I could've made three meals of it as well, but tossed the remainder after meal two. If you are looking for gargantuan goodness, or have a football team to feed, this is the spot!

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