Sunday, June 08, 2008

Happy Spirit

Playa Azul Mariscos

I have to say I found Maya Azul Mariscos on Bellam Road in San Rafael just brimming with happiness and good spirit from the time I walked in the door. The menu offerings were fairly standard, but the cheerful service was over the top.


The interior was brightly colored, and you felt as though you entered a permanent festival. And there was a fish tank build into the center wall no less! And these were happy fish, not fish-that-are-about-to-be-eaten fish.

Chicken Enchiladas

Dad tried the chicken enchilada plate, which he said was good, but too much volume to eat with refried beans, salad and rice accompanying the enchiladas.

Express Buritto

I had a veggie burrito plate that included black beans, rice and salad as well. It was a generous portion of food at a reasonable price point. We just took doggie bags home. This is a great place near the Canal District for a casual and happy bite.

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