Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tried and True

Max's Cafe of Corte Madera

Max's Cafe in Corte Madera has recently rolled back breakfast time to an hour earlier, so you can enjoy a big Max's breakfast 7 days a week from 7 a.m.

Max's mug

There are encouragements to eat all around, so if you're dieting - beware!

Ham & Four Cheese Omelet

Dad's fancy was the Ham and Four Cheese Omelet with Hash Browns. There was nothing skimpy about this huge fluffy omelet with chunky slices of ham tucked throughout the center.

Jan's Eggs

I remembered Jan's Eggs as being delicious and healthy. Made with all egg whites, it's not noticeable with the spinach, sweet onions and mushrooms scrambled in delicately. The portion was not lacking either.


The waiter warned us that the biscuits were still baking, and it would be a 10 minute wait if we wanted those as opposed to regular toast. Well, having had these before, we felt it well worth the wait. And it was. Large and fluffy they paired so well with a little butter melting into the center and some strawberry jam slathered on top. Max's has one of the best breakfasts in Marin, and for us it's a 'splurge' to go there with those large portions awaiting.

Previously reviewed:
October 23, 2006


Zoomie said...

Happy news! Maybe I'll see you there one morning soon!

Anna Haight said...

That would be fun! I've met just one of my blogger friends and it's quite fun to meet face-to-face too.