Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Farewell Cafe Amsterdam

Good Bye Cafe Amsterdam

The scoop is posted on the windows of the old Cafe Amsterdam in Fairfax.

The Sleeping Lady Announcement

Cafe Amsterdam is no more, however, the original founder of Cafe Amsterdam with a partner are opening up the same venue as "The Sleeping Lady". Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Tried the Sleeping Lady last night for the first time since it opened.
The meal started off with a dissapointing bread basket. In an area with such great bread readily available, it's a shame. The Two filets and salmon dinners that were ordered were a hit. One Caesar salad with chicken was so-so. The romaine was not cut,but served in long pieces with a not so good dressing that didn't really coat the lettuce, but seemed watery. The waitress told us that the "cajun " chicken seasoning had not arrived yet (why couldn't they make their own with a few spices??) so I ordered the regular breast, which she stated was equally as good. The chicken tasted charred from the grill, almost bitter.
All the plates were cleared while I was still eating, and dessert was being offered to the rest of the table while I was finishing my plate.?? The waitress then put down the bill without asking if we would like anything else and asked if we could settle up asap. We inquired about a shift change, but she said she just needed to go home.
The poor waitstaff kept us from going back to the cafe amsterdam, and will prevent us from going back to the sleeping lady. Not a good way to open.