Thursday, July 26, 2007

Burritoville Cafe

Surprise breakfast place.
I was driving through Larkspur rather early on Tuesday, and was thinking about breakfast, when I suddenly saw a large "Breakfast until 11 am" banner across a place I'd never visited, Burritoville Cafe. That was enough! The friendly counter gentleman suggested I may enjoy a half-order while holding up a large platter which represented the regular order. I went along... and ordered a chile relleno scramble. It was plenty! There was a nice sized scramble with a generous amount of green chile pieces and cheese. It normally is accompanied by tortillas, beans and rice. I asked for black beans only. I snapped a photo, but for some reason, my camera didn't save it. Next time!

Speaking of surprises, I was awoken yesterday morning by a good friend calling from Norway who is planning a visit... the future is full of happy surprises!

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Anonymous said...

I love the name of that cafe! The food must be good there!