Saturday, July 14, 2007

Peking Wok - MV

Double Header.
I visited Peking Wok in Mill Valley for lunch one day, and Dad and I enjoyed dinner before a film at the San Rafael Peking Wok near Northgate. Covering all the food in this post. Although I had the dinner before the lunch, lunch is usually before dinner, so we'll start there.

Egg and Corn Soup - MV

I ordered a lunch special, which comes with your choice of soup - egg and corn, hot & sour or won ton. I ordered egg and corn. It was hot and flavorful. I had the same soup at the San Rafael branch, so I won't put up a nearly identical photo.

Chicken with Vegetables & Brown Rice - MV

My lunch plate arrived with chicken and vegetables, brown rice and a spring roll. The spring roll was fine, but nothing exciting. The brown rice was fresh and fragrant. The chicken an vegetables were in abundance and the vegetables were a perfect cooked yet crisp. The lunch special is set up so you can order any item off the regular menu as the entree for the plate. Very versatile, and at only $5.95 quite a bargain.

Peking Wok

On to dinner at the San Rafael Peking Wok. Dad and I stopped in before a movie last week at the Northgate cinemas. The service is prompt so it is a good place to come when time for dinner is tight before a show. I posted a representative photo of the soup above (yes, we both had that soup too), and we had the dinner special at $9.95 a person.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

After the soup course, we were served spring rolls and crab puffs. These were a bit greasy for y taste. The spring rolls were also disproportionately filled with cabbage.

Sesame Chicken

I was completely stunned at the size of the entrees. I was expecting a plate-like serving such as I'd experienced at lunch in Mill Valley. I had ordered the sesame chicken made with chicken breast. This dish was well-executed and delicious. I felt so guilty leaving it behind, but we were going to see a movie in the heat, and no use asking for food poisoning.

Beef with Vegetables

My Dad ordered the beef and vegetables, which was also wonderful. Tender beef slices and freshly prepared vegetables.

Fried Rice

Of course it was accompanied by our 'two'! servings of fried rice. Generous portions and fresh food seem to the the themes here. Yes, the appetizer pieces could use some improvement, but the overall value is great.

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