Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Thai

Warm interior. My Thai, newly remodeled, has a rich, warm feeling in its interior, matching the warmth of its hosts welcome.


There are some nice artwork pieces around the walls.


And even the menu is artful.

Green Curry Pasta with Chicken

I tried a daily special, Green Curry Pasta with Chicken. The flavor of the green curry was phenomenal, but I have to admit, it is a bit difficult to eat with the pasta. Too drippy, a lot of extra sauce. It would be better paired with rice. The taste however, will bring me back again to sample other offerings.

I had a nice surprise on Monday too, my friend Michael popped over with his brother David who was visiting from Tuscon and interested in seeing some redwoods. Apparently Muir Woods was so popular they couldn't even visit for lack of parking, so we had a little adventure together going to Roy's Redwoods near Woodacre. It was a beautiful afternoon to do it too, with few people at that local favorite. Jeff from the Shasta area popped by too and we enjoyed a dinner catching up at Pancho's Casa Manana.What an enjoyable and eventful day!

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