Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fujiyama Restaurant

Serene setting. Dad and I enjoyed a little ramble to Fujiyama Restaurant & Sushi Bar in San Rafael for dinner on Sunday. After the shock of a disembodied voice saying "Irashaimase" ("welcome"), you enter a most serene world of Japanese dining.

Dining Room

The dining space is decorated with memorabilia, and the beautiful wood carved piece over the sushi bar must have been shipped from Japan.


Complimentary edamame is served soon after the menus are given.

Early Bird Special

Dad ordered the "early bird special", a bento box with teriyaki chicken, tempura, salad, rice & miso soup. A good value at $11.95. And he said it was delicious!

California Roll

I tried the california roll with authentic snow crab, which I could tell was made by someone who knows traditional sushi making. It was the right size, smooth and delicious.

Miso Soup & Salad

Then my miso soup and salad was served. The miso dressing had a kick to it, I think it was made with red miso instead of the milder yellow or white.


My main course was sukiyaki. This is a good cool-weather dish, and as we are definitely now heading out of cooler weather, I thought it may be a last taste for the season. It was artfully arranged and compact, but wow, the cook stuffed a lot of ingredients in this small round pan! The tofu was seasoned perfectly, a native of Japan must be in charge here! If you would like good standard Japanese fare in a casual, yet serene setting, Fujiyama would be a great bet!

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