Monday, April 23, 2007


Encyclopedia of Small Plates.
Dad and I stopped for dinner at Masa's Sushi & Appetizer Bar in Novato, and I was pleasantly surprised by the new menu which has an enormous number of small plates to choose from, along with the numerous sushi choices.


I started out with agedashi tofu which came swiftly and was suitably crispy-sticky coated on the outside and heated through hot all the way. The dashi was nicely flavored as well.

Miso Soup & Cucumber Salad

Dad's cucumber salad and miso soup were likewise served promptly. And the miso (which I was served also) was just the right temperature and had an authentic complexity of flavor. Dad said the cucumber salad was crisp and vinegared without being overpowering.


Dad's next entree took a very long time. I was nearly finished with mine by the time it arrived, the only misstep in the evening. The sushi bar team is either just more efficient, or everyone was ordering kitchen items, or perhaps the staff just isn't tuned in to timing issues. My dish was next up, a chirashi sushi. It was gorgeous to look at with lots of different tastes. This was masterfully done.

Grilled chicken Teriyaki & Salad

At last, Dad's grilled chicken teriyaki with salad arrived. He said it was good, moist and well-marinated. We enjoyed the evening and look forward to coming back and trying some of those small plates.

On another note, Sunday afternoon I comitted a horrible faux pas -- I thought I was meeting Elle of Feeding My Enthusiams at Tony's in Marshall for a joint blog NEXT Sunday, but it was actually yesterday. Watch her blog for a review of this fabulous place!

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