Friday, April 06, 2007


Fresh Specials at Avatar's
. I wrote a full review of Avatar's in Sausalito in January, and just recently about it's sister, casual Avatar's Punjab Burritos in Mill Valley. I was feeling a little illish from bending over a vexing computer most of the day (think complex PowerPoint animations) and just wanted a place to relax and eat something nourishing and healthy. Avatar's immediately came to mind. I didn't intend to blog the visit, but since the specials were so nice and I came away feeling much lighter than when I went in, I thought I should share my meal here.

Fresh Sea Bass with Roasted Vegetables in Curry Sauce

Dad chose the Sea Bass with Roasted Vegetables in Curry Sauce. He ate everything on his plate and said it was the best Indian food he'd ever had!

Crab Enchiladas with pumpkin and curry

I chose the Crab Enchiladas, it seemed like it would be light and healthy at the same time and I was quite curious as to what a combination of crab, pumpkin and curry could possibly taste like. The waiter said it was made with fresh crab, and that it was a dish that if you were asleep and dreamed of the most delicious dish, this would be the one in the dream. I did enjoy it, but if you expect to distinguish the taste of crab through such strong flavors as pumpkin and curry, you'd be disappointed. There was a generous portion of crab inside the enchiladas, as you can distinguish it by its texture. The spiciness (and I ordered mild!) also plays a part in hiding the delicate flavor of the crab. But for me it was perfect for being very nutritious, and light enough so that I really did feel much better than when I walked in the door. The friendly service didn't hurt either.

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