Thursday, May 22, 2008

One year later...

Citrus & Spice

and Citrus & Spice in San Rafael is still doing well! My friend Sachiko was in the mood for Thai, and I thought she'd like this inventive place. She was a little surprised that it was rather refined and stylized compared to most of the Thai places around.

Fresh Spring Rolls

We started with Fresh Spring Rolls which were bursting with lettuce and so fresh tasting.

Eggplant and Scallops

The Eggplant and Scallop dish was my favorite. It had a skinned Asian eggplant artistically placed diagonally on the plate, cut in nearly bite-sized pieces with seared scallops floating on top over the peanut, coconut milk and something unidentifiably tasty. It had beautifully cut and steamed colorful vegetables on one side, and tasty thin green colored noodles on the other.

Crab fried rice

The pyramid shaped Crab Fried Rice was also a hit. We enjoyed a bottle of house chardonnay with our meal as well.

Vegetarian Pad Thai

Still a bit hungry and not ready to go, we added to Vegetarian Pad Thai to our initial order. It was light yet flavorful and we enjoyed it too.

Green Tea Ice Cream

We declined dessert, but we were treated to a scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream topped with chocolate sauce and the most crunchy coconut bits and two spoons. Nice gesture! The evening was a fabulous success on all counts.

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Zoomie said...

Looks lovely! I must try that one soon...