Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eating pieces of art

The Caprice

Ever had a restaurant experience so perfect that you didn't want to go back and risk breaking the spell? This was my relationship to The Caprice. It wasn't so much the restaurant as the memorable romantic evening (although the restaurant was perfection that evening too). However, it was time to enjoy it again and make some new memories, so I enjoyed the evening, half reminiscing and mostly enjoying the excellent food and view.

Strawberry, Fois Gras and Peanut butter cream

First off was amuse Bouche one, creamy strawberry, peanut butter and foie gras, I wondered at this, but it was surprisingly refreshing.

Scallop sashimi with lava salt and lemonade oil

Amuse Bouche two consisted of scallop sashimi with cracked lava salt and lemon oil (I think). Ooh, this was even better than the first.

Shellfish 'chowder'

And then arrived the first course I ordered, Shellfish 'chowder'. First carefully placed in the square bowl was the Lobster salad and consomme vello with some foam mounds and some purple basil flowers resting gently on top. Then from a silver pot the waitress poured the soup of fennel and creme fraiche gently around the artfully arranged ingredients. Not only pretty, but interesting and delicious!

Basil Lime Sorbet

Next is Amuse Bouche three, a refreshing basil lime sorbet pallet cleanser.

Day Boat Scallops

The second course arrives as Day Boat Scallops with foie gras, fiddlehead ferns, morels, pea leaves, and green garlic pea puree. Not only artful, but all was tasting perfect.

Stawberry Rubarb Dessert

The dessert I chose was a "Rubarb and Strawberry" which consisted of a warm compote of those with Sicilian pistachio streusel, vanilla creme brulee, and 25 yr. balsamic. It was topped with a couple rings of a puff pastry. It was quite good and displayed dramatically in a bowl with large wings.

The Caprice

The Caprice is located past the traffic circle by the water and past the Tiburon Railroad-Ferry Depot Museum just a bit. There is parking across the street in a public lot.

Elephant Rock

Elephant rock is just before it, past the blue fencing. The proprietor told me that kids love to fish from it.

Tiburon View

Since the glass obscures the view from the camera, I took a couple shots to show the kind of view there is from the restaurant. I noticed a lot of sailboat activity, and a ferry from Angel Island pass by during dinner.

Tiburon View

This kind of scenery along with the washing of the waves underneath the dining room paired very well with the relaxing classical music playing during dinner. This is a beautiful place for a special evening.

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Zoomie said...

Thanks, Anna, I will definitely try this one when I treat My Beloved on our anniversary in July!