Friday, May 09, 2008

View dining, and good too!

The Spinnaker

After some absence, I visited on old favorite, The Spinnaker in Sausalito which has one of the most fabulous dining views in the bay area. In previous visits the entrees were always fresh and fabulous, but the sides could be a little hit and miss. This time everything was 100% delicious.

Couple viewing the San Francisco skyline

The windows are floor to ceiling, and the restaurant is build out over the water which maximizes its already good vantage point. The seating is also arranged to maximize the views. I was sitting against the back wall, directly facing a bank of windows and the banquette was slightly elevated. The silhouettes of the happy romantic couples only added to the ambiance.

Crab Potstickers

Remembering the crab potstickers as a special treat, I ordered them instead of the usual soup or salad starter. The ginger and cilantro Thai sauce goes very nicely with the crab stuffed dumplings.

Petrale Sole Dore

And I had to give in to one of my favorite dishes, petrale sole dore. And not only was it delicious, but the sides were perfection. I especially liked the colorful medley of vegetables which were flash pan fried to a tender and crisp sensation which intensified the flavors.

Blue Heron at The Spinnaker

The waiters are mostly men of a certain age, who immediately give you every confidence of flawless service. And certainly my waiter delivered on that. He was masterful - and despite my fullness, nearly had me ordering dessert! But this time I resisted. There was also a beautiful blue heron greeting people passing his way next to the restaurant. I tried to get his best side while waiting for the valet to bring my car.

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Zoomie said...

This is a good place for out-of-town visitors, too, as the views are so lovely. I agree that the food is good but sometimes hit-or-miss but the view is so lovely that no one notices the food anyway!