Saturday, December 08, 2007

2007 Christmas Tree

What's growing? Well, not the mushrooms, but more about that later. Dad thought we ought to have a real tree this year, so we picked up a live tree at Whole Foods, which is on the back deck happily shining its lights.


It displaced the arugula that actually seems to enjoy the climate of the front deck better.

Shitake baseball

And the mushroom kit grew a big mushroom baseball, which had no resemblance to a shitake, but tasted good.

Mushroom medium

After a few more days of it looking like this after the 'harvest' I thought there may be something wrong, so I called Fungi Perfecti. That the surface has nodules looking caramelized is a good thing, but it needs some remedial care. So I have to dry it out, then soak it and start the process over. But I should get shitake mushrooms from it! Meanwhile I opened the second box, and found that what I thought were mushrooms is the growing medium (oh my!). So off to the refrigerator it went, and I'll start it in a few days while this one is drying out sufficiently. Whee! The joys of indoor gardening.

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