Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scrambled Eggs using powdered whole eggs

Powdered Whole Eggs, Scrambled. As I mentioned in the post detailing my discoveries regarding powdered whole eggs in baking, I have been experimenting with using these as scrambled or fritatta eggs to see if they are suitable for this as well. In short, I understand why my mom used these in baking but not for our breakfast eggs. However, I've been experimenting with the powdered eggs, and found some tips that make these usable for this purpose as well.

  1. Add water and whip air into the powdered whole eggs very well before using for frying or using in something like a fritatta. This makes the result taste close to the eggs you might find in the microwavable breakfasts containing scrambled eggs.
  2. The powdered eggs reconstitute to quite a watery consistency, and these not have the gelatinous texture of fresh eggs.
  3. For best flavor in these kinds of dishes, add one fresh egg for every two powdered egg mixture, and be sure to whip the dried eggs well per #1 before adding the fresh egg(s). In making a fritatta for two, I use 4 powdered eggs and 2 fresh eggs and when cooked it is nearly indistinguishable from using purely fresh eggs.
  4. You can substitute powdered whole eggs without using fresh to good effect in fried rice dishes.
The scrambled eggs in the photo at the head of the story is of pure powdered eggs, scrambled and whipped quite well, so they turned out to be good eating this way. The color is good on these too.

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