Friday, December 07, 2007


Seafood over the water.
Last night a friend and I were in the mood for seafood, so decided to try Scoma's in Sausalito. No I didn't take the photo last evening, it's one I took in May at lunchtime when I tried to go there and it was so full of tourists I would have had to wait an hour, so I waited for the next opportune time. That opportune time happened to be last night. The restaurant is well kept, and the dining space is spare, but with tables placed to take the most advantage of the views. In fact I was facing opposite the water, and there was a large mirror over my friend's head so that I would be able to see the reflected water view. Nice touch.

Mahi Mahi

My friend Sachiko tried one of the specials, a Sesame encrusted mahi mahi, grilled and placed over angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts and micro greens on top. It was nicely prepared and had a lovely presentation. Not to mention, it tasted good!

Petrale Sole

I went with one of my favorite fishes, Petrale Sole and had them substitute mashed potatoes for the penne pasta that comes standard with the dish. It was a good choice, and not only was the fish delectable, the vegetables were nicely cooked and flavored. The waitress was great, knowledgeable, friendly and new just the right moment to check in on us. The only discordant note was the busboys who were obtrusive and practically snatched the plates away before we finished. Well actually tried to take them before we were really finished, and it wasn't busy enough to warrant rushing us. It really made an off-note to an otherwise lovely evening.

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