Monday, December 24, 2007

Soybean pudding

Taking a chance. I picked up a box at 99 Ranch some time ago in one of my experimental moods, and it's been pushed into a corner of my pantry for some months. As I was reorganizing today, I pulled it out.


Soybean Pudding, hmmm. Reading the directions, it really looked fool proof - mix hot water with powder and let it sit.


So I decided to try it, and found that the packets inside say "Soybean Cheese". A bit of identity crisis I guess.


So I put the powder in the cups, poured hot water in, stirred and let it sit for the 10 minutes or so it requires. It made soft curdles after that time, as the lead photo shows. It is a very mild and soft treat, and I think it would be good with a caramel topper poured on as well. I did a little research and found that this sweet pudding is popular all over east Asia having many different names and popular stir ins. Ellen's Kitchen has a nice write up that lists the various names and flavor variations. The ingredients are very simple and it seems like a great natural treat to keep on hand that can be eaten hot or cold depending on the season and your taste.

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