Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Three Dragons Restaurant

Quick and cheap near the cinema.
Dad and I discovered a off the beaten path Chinese restaurant, the Three Dragons Restaurant, within a quick drive to the Regency Cinema, just off Smith Ranch Road in the Terra Linda area of San Rafael.

Beef and Broccoli

We ordered Beef and Broccoli and

Chicken and Mixed Vegetables

Chicken with Mixed Vegetables. I was not overly impressed with the food. Both dishes were swimming in too-sweet sauces. Also, I'm not a fan of large leaves of green cabbage in the vegetable mix. Proportionately it was mostly cabbage, bok choy and baby corn. For my tastes, it needed a bit more color and variety. On a positive note, the wait staff were friendly, it was prompt so we could make our desired time to see Evening (a great movie by the way!), it was inexpensive, the meats were tender, and the vegetables fresh. There also was no MSG and only chicken breast meat is used. The interior was a bit divey, but good for a casual setting.

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