Sunday, August 19, 2007


Popular Breakfast.
Paul and I went to try breakfast at Skully's in Novato a few days ago, but found that it is closed on Sundays! But we had a pleasant surprise seeing Grazie open for breakfast, with people were packed in the interior, and spilled out on the cool patio, which is were we chose to sit. I remembered Grazie from days of having dinner there after a flying lesson at Gnoss Field, famous for its cross-winds. Grazie was the perfect place to land after those tests of your ability to come out of a stall at 5,000 feet!

Eggs and French Toast

Paul chose the two-egg breakfast with French toast, which was made on thick slices of French bread. He said it was great. Paul is the perfect "older" younger brother. At least that is how he acts; we are not related. It's rather startling sometimes to be chewed out for going to the ATM after dark or having your 'too violent' movies hidden from you when he's visited. After 10 years of friendship though you get used to it, and small doses can be rather refreshing.

Special Scramble

I tried their special scramble. It had bacon, avocado, grilled onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms in it along with cheddar cheese. I had them replace the nice looking hash browns with tomato slices. It was a generous portion and tasted savory and had the scent of fresh vegetables through the melted cheese.

Sunday the 19th -- Dad and I are setting sail for Alaska! Off we go!

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