Sunday, June 17, 2007

Let's Eat Delicatessen

A nook rich with goodies.
Dad and I made our way to Let's Eat Delicatessen to see what their offerings were like. There's a big whiteboard with sandwich choices, and behind glass around the prep area are various salads and other pretty items. Behind you in refrigerator/freezer space are all kinds of take out items to take and bake. It's full of food fun!

Roast Beef Sandwich and Creole Artichoke Salad

Dad and I decided to split a roast beef sandwich with horseradish cream and arugula and pair it up with salads and share an steamed artichoke. Dad chose a artichoke creole salad to accompany his half sandwich.

Sesame noodle salad with Roast Beef Sandwich and Artichoke

I chose a sesame noodle salad that had chicken, ham and walnuts to jazz it up. We put the artichoke on my plate as they only gave us two. This would be a great place to pack a picnic basket, or if you want to cook something more upscale that frozen Stouffers. It isn't set up very well for eating in, but there are three black metal tables inside, and a couple of smaller tables on the sidewalk outside.

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