Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Two Bird Cafe

No birds killed here, although they do serve fowl.
Dad and I decided to take a drive through some Marin country scenes to have breakfast in San Geronimo at the Two Bird Cafe. We were greeted warmly and invited to choose to eat on their pretty patio, or sunny inside room by the skylight. Dad felt like being indoors, so we chose that option.

Whole Wheat Blackberry Pancakes

He also felt like pancakes, and they had just the special for him, blackberry whole wheat pancakes with organic pork and apricot sausages. It was chock full of blackberries tucked inside and Dad like it so well he doused it in pure maple syrup and ate every last crumb of both the large pancakes!

Table setting

I enjoyed the cute greens on the table as we waited to be served.

Tuscany Omelet

I ordered the Tuscany omelet, filled with wild mushrooms, spinach, herbs and fontina cheese. It was delicious, and I appreciated that the serving was reasonably sized. I often hesitate to order omelets since so many places make them too big. The wheat toast was warm and buttery too. If you happen to be going to the land where the Jedi once roamed (parts of Star Wars was filmed in the nearby woods) this is a nice stop along the way. The Two Bird Cafe serves breakfast every day of the week, as well as lunch and dinner.

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