Friday, June 29, 2007

Small Shed Flatbreads

Flatfooted it to Flatbread heaven.
Small Shed Flatbreads is a delightful, very local place where stylish flatbreads and other delicious and casual comfort foods await.

The Q

I ordered "The Q". No-nitriate pepperoni and pancetta, crimini mushrooms, cheeses and a light tomato sauce on a light crisp crust. Small Shed supports local, organic and sustainable farming and has a friendly atmostphere. It's worth navigating the sometimes difficult parking in that section of Mill Valley to arrive here.

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Kale for Sale said...

I love this place not only for its casualness but for the local food. Two weeks ago I had a Bolinas salad with a mound of perfectly cooked beets as I thought the figs in the other salad were out of season. Wrong. They were the first of the season. These guys are on top it! You're right, Anna. It's worth navigating the streets of Mill Valley to eat here.