Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tommy's Wok

Leading with Veggies.
Dad and I enjoyed a lunch at Tommy's Wok the other day. We were most pleasantly surprised to see that the lunch menu now has vegetable offerings first on their menu! I reviewed Tommy's Wok last September, and not only the menu had changed, but the side offerings. It's nice that to see a menu refreshed periodically!


First of all, you choose either soup or salad, and we chose salad. You can see the freshness leaping out of the photo!

Snow White Chicken

Dad chose from the bottom half of the lunch menu, which consisted of all chicken choices. He decided to go with Snow White Chicken. It came with some nicely flavored noodles. We couldn't quite place the seasoning, but it appeared to have some ground nuts in it.

Deluxe Vegetables

I chose the Deluxe Vegetables. They were fresh, crisp and had a nice garlic sauce. The chef used fresh water chestnuts which were so crisp and sweet -- an amazing taste sensation. There was also a little dish of fresh fruit on each of our plates. We made the right lunch choice that day!

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