Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lydia's Lovin Foods

Lydia's Lovin' Foods.
On one of those very rainy days last week, Dad and I went to Fairfax for lunch at a favorite veggie hang-out, Lydia's Lovin' Foods. We enjoyed a taste of a number of things by sharing some plates.

Love Potion

First, we had some "Love Potion" which is fresh fig juice with orange essence. It was fresh and refreshing.

Spring Roll

We then sampled the Spring Rolls, which were composed of marinated daikon in sesame oil, tamari and ginger, with rice noodles, carrots, beets, lettuce, mint and cilantro, with tahini ginger sauce on side. These were wrapped in a rice paper wrapper, and very fresh, crisp bites.

Home-made Veggie Burger

Next up was a Home-Made Veggie Burger, split in the kitchen (how thoughtful!) for the two of us. The burger is made of beets, carrots, celery, fresh parsley, bell peppers, quinoa, sunflower seeds, brown rice, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, tamari, herbs and flax seed. Sound healthy doesn't it? And it tasted good.

Yam Fries

And to round it off, along with the Veggie Burger came the signature yam fries. These were much healthier and more flavorful than regular fries, and were oven-baked for added health benefits. Lydia's Lovin' Foods is a great choice for a health boost and good flavor.

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