Friday, April 23, 2010

Right now at Ghirardelli Square

Ghiradelli Square

Well this is up to the minute writing, I took this photo just a minute ago with my cell camera. Did you know that Ghirardelli Square has public WiFi throughout? And that there is a sign behind me announcing that Gary Danko is opening "An American Brasserie" here soon?

I am musing as I wait for my former host sister, Mika and her family to join me here. I dropped them off on Leavenworth, just below the famous crooked hill which they wanted to walk UP (oh my) and take a cable car to Fisherman's Wharf, join me here at Ghirardelli to see how chocolate is made (10 year old Shohei will love this), then on to City View for some dim sum. Later we're meeting up with friends at Marin's Wipeout Bar and Grill, voted 2nd best restaurant for kids in Marin. What do you like to do with guests that have children?

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Zoomie said...

We love the Discovery Museum on the Marin side of the base of the GG Bridge and Children's Fairyland in Oakland if they are small kids. To eat, they'd probably like Yankee Pier in Larkspur, which has a fun sandbox for kids to play in when they get bored with adult talk.