Thursday, April 08, 2010

Maria Maria closes

maria maria closes

Oh well... and Maria Maria was right in my Mill Valley back yard. It happened rather abruptly and the scan I made of internet sources did not have any reasons why.

I'm still working away on my crashed computer.. have to save as much as possible (slow work) and wipe it clean :-(.


Sharon Jun said...

Oh my I wonder why. The few times I went it wasn't very busy.

Anonymous said...

The restaurant served awful food, that's why it closed! The only edible thing I was ever served was guac and chips! The only great mexican restaurant in marin county is Las Camelias in San Rafael. If you don't know Gabriel and Carol, get on over there! The whole white beans are the best. Maria Maria soo needed someone like the Fregoso's at home in Maria Maria's kitchen! Food consistently bad, I am talking inedible on several occasions!