Thursday, April 15, 2010

High standards still prevail

Sushi 69

I dropped in after a long absence at Sushi 69 in San Anselmo. Hiro (Hiroyuki Makino), the Executive Chef and owner was smiling behind the sushi bar as always. He informed me that the other long time Chef at Sushi 69, Takeshi, is returning to Japan today, his last day behind the sushi bar being last Thursday, so I just missed him. And miss him I will. Takeshi, like Hiro, has a fine hand at slicing up the sushi so that it melts on your tongue and he sometimes made little variations that he thought would suit my taste.

Tuna Lily

I ordered one old favorite straight away, the Tuna Lily. The combination of the crisp shrimp chip shell filled with soft pieces of tuna mixed with onions and caviar and a tart sauce just dances on your palate in a pleasing way.

Takeshi Roll

In honor of Takeshi, I ordered the Takeshi roll which I had not tried before. A wonderful pairing of tastes, expertly executed by Hiro, included tempura shrimp, spicy scallops and cool, crisp cucumber on the inside, topped with maguro tuna and slices of shiso leaf on the outside. This is worthy of a repeat in the future.

Tamago Nigiri

I finished with another favorite, tamago nigiri, noticing that Hiro's fine sense of style has been refined since my last visit to include a decorative brand on the ends of the egg. It is served on a fresh leaf on the granite counter in front of you (if at the sushi bar). Sitting at the counter, watching the careful preparation and plating of food I noticed the care and attention that Hiro puts into the beautiful food that comes to his customers has been maintained at the high standard that he has kept from the beginning .

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Debbie Bello said...

I love good sushi, and wish I had a place around my neck of the woods that served Sushi and sashimi! OH WELL, I guess I will have to wait. Thank you for the post and I realy like your site.

katson said...

I love Sushi 69 too. The food is great and I feel immediately transported to Tokyo.

If you want to try something "interesting" ask Hiro for his "Natto roll." The WSJ just wrote about natto today

Anna Haight said...

Hi Debbie & Katson,
Thanks for your comments. Yes, Natto is VERY interesting, and certainly an acquired taste.