Monday, May 03, 2010

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I saw my host family off yesterday afternoon after a lot of fun and travel. We spent a couple days in Mendocino - that was gorgeous. We caught the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden at just the right time for rhododendron blooms. I'll post some up another day. Another Bread and Butter column published while I was out and about last week.

Bread and Butter
April 28, 2010

And in just a couple days the next one is publishing already!

You know how it goes when one thing that is a major pin supporting your work has trouble (computer), it's been really slow going and I'm still not back to normal. Look for more posts this week however.

I hope those of you in Marin are able to stop and enjoy this lovely weather. I've been keeping my windows open now 24/7 (at least for the last couple days). Dare we believe that the good weather is here to stay?

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Zoomie said...

We've got them all open over here, too. I think we've seen the last of winter now. Glad you had fun with your host family. I'm sure they were thrilled to experience SF with someone who really knows her way around!