Thursday, May 20, 2010

Best Momos in the Bay area?

Veggie Momo's

I have become quite a fan of Himalayan food whether the Tibetan or Nepalese variety. And momos are the first reason why. I first fell in love with the momos at Cafe Tibet. And later I also enjoyed the momos pictured above at Taste of the Himalayas in Sonoma. I heard that the very best momos in the bay area are served once a year at the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley over Memorial Day Weekend. Alas! I am going to be at a long awaited reunion with the group of students I lived in Paris with this coming Memorial Day Weekend. If one of you happens to make it and try the momos, let me know if the rumor is true!


Zoomie said...

But what are momos?

Anna Haight said...

Tibetan dumplings like these from the Cafe Tibet menu:

26. Sha Momo (beef or chicken)
Dumplings with minced beef or chicken,
Mixed w/ onion and ginger w/ special house sauce
Steamed or Fried (for pan-fried add additional $1.50)

27. Ngotsel Momo
Steamed Dumplings with spinach, feta and mozzarella
Mixed w/onion and ginger–served w/mild mint sauce

28. Kar-sha Momo
Steamed Dumplings w/mushrooms & Mascarpone cheese
Mixed w/scallion and garlic–served w/special yogurt sauce

29. Sho-ko Momo
Steamed Dumplings w/ potatoes, carrots and cabbage
Mixed w/ mozzarella, mascarpone, spices and scallion
Served with special house sauce

30. Tsel-chul Momo (Tofu)
Steamed Dumplings w/ tofu and mixed vegetables
Served with special house sauce

Zoomie said...

Aha! Dumplings! They all sound mouth-watering!

hope chests said...

The dumplings look so delicious! Love it and I also miss it.

ankan sarkar said...

i am loving it...