Thursday, February 05, 2009

Popular Indian Hang out

Sartaj India Cafe

No matter what time of day you go, Sartaj India Cafe in Sausalito is buzzing with people in happy states of mind. Is it that delicious chai, or something in the air? It's infectious no matter the source.

Indian Egg Plate

I've been Anna-one-note at this restaurant, only ordering the vegetable stew in recent memory. It's just so good! However, I was determined to try something else. And sometimes our projected pictures of what we think something is, keeps us from a marvelous discovery. Some how the description "Indian style egg plate" conjured up a picture of poached eggs floating in curry. I decided to order it anyway, and found it is NOT what I had pictured, and very delicious. It also comes with a side of my favorite veggie stew! Rice, raita and chapati complete the plate. The eggs were full of delicious green herbs and slightly spicy. I think I've found a new favorite.

Meat Combo

On another trip I dragged my friend Daniel, who became a fan of Sartaj, and he had an interesting "Meat Combo". It consists of chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, and lamb curry with rice, raita, chapati, dahl and veggie stew. Sartaj India Cafe is not only friendly, but reasonably priced and everything is made from scratch. If you are looking for casual and good Indian food, you can't go wrong here.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 1
Noncritical: 0
Last inspected: 8/12/2008

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December 22, 2006
August 31, 2006

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denise said...

i agree, it does always feel nice in sartaj, just a general happy vibe. love their tikka burrito w/ salad on top -- salad on top is key! kingfisher completes the meal.