Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Today was a day of catching up, and fiddling with my home computer that seems to be in a death spiral. I went to Fuzio's for lunch, besides consistently great food - crisp salads, innovative pastas - it is fascinating (to a Human Resources person) to sit at the counter and watch a well-organized staff work happily and with great economy of movement to turn out these dishes pronto! Chatted with a number of buddies, one an experienced sailor who enjoys racing, and found that the sailboat we used on Sunday was not a *daysailer* but a RACING model. No wonder it was so high strung. Every time I mention the Zen sitting I'm doing at Green Gulch on September 6th to friends, I have more people who want to join the sitting. Soon it will be the "Anna's Buddies Sitting" instead of the "Ed Brown Sitting"!

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