Saturday, August 23, 2003

Had a wonderful Friday off, spent most of it with Paul. Had a late and lazy breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe in Sausalito. A nice Danish flair with Danish meatballs and curry herring available for breakfast. (No, I didn't try those...) Mario, the window washer, really jazzed up my place, and he informed me that some of the shadowy stuff I couldn't get off myself, well, it's on the inside of the double-pane window, so the actual windows in some places need to be replaced. (ouch!). After assorted errands and shopping, Paul and I thought we'd make an effort to find a *new* restaurant for dinner, but seemed all the *new* ones we picked were closed! So after working up even more of an appetite after about three of these, we went for an old favorite, California Pizza Kitchen. Shared some portabello ravioli which was just right.

Finding renewed energy, we went to see Laura Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, the 2nd time for me. Puts me in touch with that no-holds-barred go get 'em little girl inside. She looks much better in her silver scuba skin than I in my "Scuba Pro" skin, but I feel all the more adventurous in the skin anyway!

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