Sunday, August 17, 2003

I am alive. Daniel and I sailed from 10-2 p.m. Yes there were a number of times we almost capsized - the ropes got caught in the pulleys operating the main sail - stuck it so bad I had to untie a knot in the other end of the rope which was TIGHT while being tossed to and fro by big waves, all the while Daniel shouting -- YOU HAVE TO GET THE KNOT UNTIED. Nothing like a little pressure - the threat of being capsized in an unsailable boat halfway between Berkeley and Emeryville marinas! I also can now tie the boat properly to the cleat at the dock, and mastered leaping to the dock with the tie-up line without falling in. In fact, it was Daniel who fell in the water, while hopping from stern to stern to bring the boat to the wench for hauling out of the water. He told me I'd want to fall in the water too before the day was out, but I think that's for another time. My neophrene scuba skin worked quite well for the outing, bearing its round crest on my breast "Scuba Pro" HA! First time I used it, now scuba diving lessons seem rather tame so I'll have to finally schedule the class. Daniel is quite a good sailor, and gives clear instructions, so it's a pleasure crewing and sailing with him.

We took a little tour of the campus before heading on to Cha-am after meeting up with the Krauss family. It was great to catch up with old friends, and I guess the cool find of the day is Gelato Mondo on Shattuck Ave. Wonderful soy based ice cream and sorbets available.

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